The 8×8 Theory has always found it’s home on tumblr. However during our hiatus, we realised that it lacked the room to manoeuvre and grow. We’ve always found passion in Magic, and EDH and we want to keep making content for all of you. Part of this means changing, and one of the ways we want to change, is by moving to our own website.

But small changes only need to happen at a time. We haven’t ditched tumblr, and will continue to post our package details to tumblr. If anything, this will revitalise the content we had always made before. We will still be accepting submissions, we’re still going to post packages for each colour. All that is changing is how we go about doing this.

I hope that this change is seen by you as the same positive that it is to us. We couldn’t be more excited to be back, for you all.